About the company

CR Tropical, Live the Dream! is a company managed by two local families who started working for the last owners some years ago and they ended up by purshacing the company when the old owners decided to go back to their countries for family reasons.
The goal of CR Tropical is to help you and any Home/Land owners and/or visitors to live a wonderful expirience on this beautiful piece of land that we call Costa Rica.

We´re located on the central pacific coast of Costa Rica, near world famous National Park Manuel Antonio and sorrounded by extraordinary primary and secondary forest!

Go beyond to satisfy the clients is one of our favour politics, if we can make you happy then we´ll be happy for you!! You can start living your own dream today!

Our Services


We can help you to advertise your place either for rent or for sale!


Don´t worry about anything, let us take care of your place when you´re not home!

Rental Vacations!

We provide concierge services to give your guests a great expirience at your rental house!